The Values Workshop

Helping your employees understand their own values relative to your organization can be powerful. Values alignment not only promotes engagement, it drives performance.

Workshop Outcomes

91% of managers say an employee's alignment with the company culture is equal to or more important than skills and experience. Value congruence matters.

Lead More Authentically

When you know what motivates your employees, you can engage their motivations to drive performance. Awareness of their individual values creates better situational leadership.

Make Better Decisions

Every day we make important decisions, and sometimes they are not easy. However, decision-making gets a whole lot easier when rooted in our values.

Improve Communication

Learn to speak to people through the lens of their motivations and you'll find that not only do your conversations get a lot easier, but your ability to bring others into the fold of your goals.

Cultivate Self-Navigation

Values manifest both in person-organization fit as well as person-role fit. And when employees truly understand their values, they can navigate their career path with greater success.

Drive Performance

When you achieve value congruence in the workplace, a sense of harmony emerges among your talent allowing them to do their best work. They know they're in the right job.

Workshop Programming

Each workshop is customized to fit the needs of each organization with a mix of individual and group activities that promote thoughtful reflection and values-based development.

Values Identification

Each individual will identify his or her top values using The Values Deck (sold separately), an engaging and reflective card sorting game for values-based development.

Aware, Affirm, Apply

Use a three-step process, rooted in stoic philosophy, known as the three disciplines to help greater awareness, affirmation, and application for your values.

Value Productivity

Each personal value has a moment when it shines and when it doesn't. Explore how each your values can help or hinder your personal performance relative to other situations.

Value Compatibility

Examine the interplay of all of your top values and how some of these values are synergistic and how others may be in direct motivational conflict with each other and perhaps present an opportunity to build a bridge.

Organizational Alignment

Connect the values of your employees to your organization by helping them see how their motivations align across multiple dimensions (company, department, role).


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"Find people who share your values, and you'll conquer the world together."

- John Ratzenberg