Personal Values Assessment by Discover Your Values

Personal Values Assessment

57 Questions

The assessment is a total 57 questions from the original Schwartz Values Survey. It will take about 15 minutes to complete. 

Value Themes

See how your value priorities are organized across 10 overarching value categories.

Value Priorities

See the individual order of priority and sequence for each of the 57 values in the assessment.

Value Scoring

Receive a summary of your individual value scores at the category level. 

Additional Worksheets

Access to additional worksheets to help you explore and interpret your assessment results.


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Beta Launch

Get a first look into this brand new web application and help contribute to its ongoing development. 

What's included?

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3 mins
Login to the Assessment
How To Interpret Your Results
5 mins
Aware, Affirm, Apply
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Value Productivity
14.4 KB
Value Compatibility
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Personal Mission Statement
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Personal Vision Statement
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