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Coaching for Values 1.0

Help your clients discover their values.

Join a community of coaches

Collaborate with corporate, academic, and private practice coaches, as well as healthcare professionals on values-based development.

Backed by research

Based on the work of social psychologist Shalom H. Schwartz who pioneered the Theory of Basic Human Values. Solid values-framework backed by over 200 studies across 80 countries. 

Tons of free resources

Get free access to our coaching community, training materials, research, worksheets, workshop presentations, and more.

Grow your business

Facilitate and customize your own coaching sessions and workshops with our ready-made materials, plus get 40% off the assessment.

Access to great coach support

Participate in our private Facebook group for coaches and attend our regular coach calls.

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No cost to be a member. We hope you'll champion values-based development as much as we do. 

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Welcome to the Coaching for Values program. We're thrilled to have you as a coach in our program. Your membership provides you free access to…
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