Certified Values Coach

Be one of the first 100 founding coaches to join our early certification program and integrate values-based development into your coaching practice.

Launches on November 29th, 2019

Offer a values-based approach to your work

Help your clients transform their lives with tools that unveil what truly motivates them

Backed by research

Based on the work of social psychologist Shalom H. Schwartz who pioneered the Theory of Basic Human Values. Solid values-framework backed by over 200 studies across 80 countries. 

Get certified in values

Complete the online training, pass the test, and administer the values assessment to five people to become a certified values coach.

Leverage a values framework

The Schwartz values framework will provide you not only more organization around values development, but also a common language of understanding about human motivation.

Master 3 essential techniques to values-based development

You'll add new techniques to your coaching toolkit 1) The Three Principles, 2) Value Productivity, and 3) Value Compatibility.

On-demand training

Includes 4-hours of video training that you can complete anytime, anywhere.

Access great coach support

Participate in our private Facebook group for coaches and attend our regular coach calls.

Grow your business

Facilitate custom coaching sessions and workshops with our ready-made materials, plus get a discount on the assessment and tools.

Money-back guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our program. However, if you decide it's not for you, we'll gladly provide you a hassle-free refund.

Still have questions? Call us.

Signing up for a new coaching program can be a big decision. If you have questions or just want to connect to learn more about the program, call or text us at 904-326-9111. We'd love to hear from you.


What is the Early Certification Program?

The Early Certification Program allows coaches to become certified in our program prior to our  accreditation with ICF. In short, we are certifying you to represent our program while we work toward meeting ICF requirements for program accreditation. 

Early certification is for coaches who are early adopters, like to be at the forefront of new opportunities, and help shape the direction of our program from the ground up.

Does this program qualify for ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credit?

Not yet. Our training is offered 100% on-demand via online (asynchronous learning). ICF does not currently credential programs that are offered entirely online. However, as demand increases for our program, we do plan to create blended and synchronous learning options that would allow us to apply to have the training hours credentialed as CCU credits.

Is this program an ICF-accredited coach training program?

Not yet. We do plan to seek accreditation for this program in the future via the ICF Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program. A minimum of 30 student contact hours are required for ACSTH program accreditation. This is our ultimate goal--to develop a comprehensive training program for coaches that specializes in values-based development.

Will this be an "all-inclusive" or "a la carte" coach program?

This program will be "a la carte," meaning it's for coaches who have already received their core coach training and understand the fundamentals of coaching, but are seeking to grow their coaching skills in values-based development.

If you have never coached before, we recommend you start with an "all-inclusive" program first.

Why are you starting with 100 coaches?

The first 100 coaches will be our founding coaches. They will help shape the long-term vision, development, and rollout of our program. We believe this approach will help ensure high standards and the best quality for values-based development.

Once we reach 100 coaches, enrollments will temporarily go to a waitlist. More coaches will eventually be added to the program, however, unlike other programs, we don't have a desire to matriculate thousands of coaches in values-based development. Many coach certification programs saturate the market with particular specialities, making it difficult for coaches who invest in those programs to get business from those programs. We want our program to be a source of real business growth for those who work with us. We're very pro-coach.